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White Wedding Dresses

The Timelessness of White Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable for a bride to wear a dress that, in a time gone by, would have been considered not quite de rigueur. With women becoming increasing expressive of the uniqueness of their personalities, tastes and desires, many times tradition is thrown firmly out of the window, and it’s not surprising to come across a bride getting married in red or black wedding dresses – sometimes even in pants or shorts! However, even the most daringly unconventional amongst us must agree that, when it comes to the vision painted of the ‘perfect wedding’, no dresses quite match the timeless beauty of white wedding dresses.

As with so many rites and rituals that seep into our culture and become ‘tradition’, white wedding dresses were not always the norm. In fat, before the 19th Century, brides simply picked out their best dress to don down the aisle, irrespective of its cut or colour. The prerequisite was simply that it was well looked after, well fitting and ‘respectable’. Nobody questioned the idea of any other colour wedding dress until after the 19th Century, when Queen Victoria started a right, royal trend by choosing to wear a white wedding gown.

Her decision turned into a fad and soon women everywhere were wearing white wedding dresses as a matter of course. Through the years, the white dress has evolved in meaning, its sparklingly clean appearance becoming a symbol of purity, chastity and innocence. This is probably also why wearing white on one’s wedding day seems so fitting to traditionalists – after all, a wedding is a social rite that effectively honours a woman’s transition from ‘maidenhood’ to ‘womanhood’, a notion that certainly possesses a measure of romance.

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